• Mandy on said:

    So sweet! 🙂

  • beka on said:


  • Chana on said:

    Dying! Too cute! I love the look in her eyes…and honestly, it does look good enough to munch on!

  • Andrea on said:

    If she is anything like my Evelyn, that is PRECISELY what she was thinking!!!

  • AlyGatr on said:

    That is a great photo to submit. I think you are right, I definitely think she was contemplating how she could get it in her mouth 🙂

  • Linkie Lueville on said:

    I have to say, it's adorable that you have a photograph of her first encounter with a flower! So stinking cuuuutte!

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    so adorable!! i'll have to go through my photos and see if I have anything I might be able to participate with. i haven't entered a photo in weeks. maybe even months.

  • Jo on said:

    So sweet!!

  • Amanda on said:

    Adorable! What a sweet picture!

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