If you need me, I’ll be in New York.

5 Tips For Setting A Table, from Waiting On Martha.

Another year and another trip to New York for the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Event. When you read this I will have already landed… at 5:30 AM New York time. OMG. That’s early. I have a thing… I only like to fly direct. No messing around, you get right to your destination. The only thing…. to get to NYC direct, I have to fly a red eye. I can’t usually fall asleep on flights, but maybe it will happen this time? Ha. Probably not.

Ok, if you want to keep up with my trip (Nate Berkus will be there… ….. …..) you can follow along on my Instagram, or just check out the event hashtag: #BHGSTYLE

Note: if I don’t sleep on the plane, my morning instagrams will probably be really weird. Ha!

- Chelsey

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Pumpkin Ideas for you on this Friday! You may not want to admit it, but it’s almost Halloween. Yeah!

Creepy Cat Eye Pumpkin, from Paper & Stitch.


Painted Grumpy Cat Pumpkin DIY, from The Swell Designer.


Black Cat Pumpkins, from Sunset.


Cat Breed Carving Patterns, from Better Homes and Gardens.


Black Cat Pumpkin, from All You.


Chalkboard Pumpkin, from Real Simple.


Have an amazing weekend!

- Chelsey


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Power Cord Makeover DIY

Power Cord Makeover DIY

Power Cord Makeover DIY

Next week I’m headed out to a Better Homes and Gardens event and that means sharing a hotel room with friends. EVERYtime I head to some blog event I’m in a room with 1 or more ladies and we all have computers and random cords. They all look the same and we tend to get them mixed up. Not anymore. My Power Cord Makeover is so colorful I know which one is mine. No more mixed up cords and my cord storage strap will help with travel organization!

Power Cord Makeover DIY


  • 3 colors of washi tape
  • one power cord
  • clear nail polish
  • optional: 1 tiny strip of vinyl or leather
  • optional: 1 button snap kit


Power Cord Makeover DIY


Clean all the grease and dust off the power cord line. I used a little alcohol pad to clean the part I’m putting the washi tape on.

Power Cord Makeover DIY


Peel off 1.5 – 2 inch sections of washi tape. Use some scissors to trim ends of each piece of tape.

Pick out a pattern you’d like for the washi tape design. Get creative, maybe you can overlap a couple of the colors?

Start to wrap the tape onto the power cord wire.

Power Cord Makeover DIY


When your done wrapping the tape, I suggest using a small bit of clear nail polish on the edge of each piece of tape. This will help keep the tape from peeling up. Note: try not to get the nail polish onto the wire, then you can remove the tape if you want a new wire design!

Power Cord Makeover DIY

Power Cord Makeover DIY


Optional: this step is to make a little cord storage strap. Cut a strip of vinyl or leather at 1.5 inches wide at 5 inches long. Cut the ends into corners and install the snap buttons. Now you have the perfect cord storage strap!

Power Cord Makeover DIY

Power Cord Makeover DIY

Happy Organized Power Cord Thursday!

- Chelsey

P.S. I was inspired by multiple colorful cord DIY’s around the web, but this one from Design Love Fest is a fave.

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5 Favorite Free Printables from the blog!

Today I’m sharing a few favorite printables from the ‘ol blog. I have made QUITE a few. It’s sort of fun wandering back through my archives and finding old prints I completely forgot about. That’s what this post is for. Five random printable posts for you to enjoy.

Star and Banner Cake Topper

ABC Print for the Kiddo

Strawberry gift box (originally made as a Valentine)

Succulent Gift Tags

Painted Word Canvas: You Are My World

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

- Chelsey


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