Halloween Candy Corn Jello with Spooky Spoon Toppers!

Candy Corn Jello

Here’s the thing, I don’t like the taste of candy corn. Then why did I make candy corn jello? Well, it doesn’t actually taste like candy corn (yay) because it’s made with lemon and orange jello, then topped with whipped cream. Yup. It’s a fun treat for this Halloween! I think it’s perfect for a spooky party, but it’s also the perfect everyday treat for the kiddo (or yourself). I made this treat (and spoon toppers) for the HP Create blog.

Candy Corn Jello

You can click here to get the full how-to and the free printable spoon toppers. You can choose from candy corn “treat yourself” toppers, blank candy corn toppers, or spooky bats. I do love all of them, but I think my favorite are the bats. You can add more than one bat to the treat to give the illusion of bats in flight! Also, just for fun I made some ghost spoon toppers you can also use. You really could use any of these printable as cupcake toppers if you’re not that into jello. Just attach the toppers to toothpicks instead of spoons. Done. To download the ghost toppers, click on the image below (or this link) and right click + save.

Ghost Toppers

To check out the full Halloween Candy Corn Jello (plus spoon topper printables), head on over to the HP Create blog.

Are you excited for Halloween? Cause I AM so excited. Christmas is usually my fave time of the year, but having a kiddo makes Halloween even more exciting.

- Chelsey

P.S. I’m a paid contributor for the HP Create blog

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Free Halloween Prints: Beware of Vampire (he bites).

Free Halloween Prints

Dudes, Halloween is seriously right around the corner. I just bought the kiddo’s Halloween costume (not making one this year…. since she wants to be Elsa and I have exactly zero idea how to sew a dress + I don’t want to completely lose my mind trying to figure it out… ha). We’ve also SLOWLY started decorating for Fall. Our front step has a sweet collection of colorful pumpkins and now I have my Free Halloween Prints hanging in the front entrance.

They are free for you to download and print for your own Halloween decor. I made them to fit in an 8 x 10 frame or smaller. These prints will remind your guests to beware of your pet vampire/werewolf/swamp monster. Never pet a monster you don’t know, they may bite! You can download each of the printables by right clicking the links below + saving the image to your desktop.

Werewolf Beware Print // Swamp Monster Beware Print // Vampire Beware Print

Free Halloween Prints

Ok, I need to know… what are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween? I’m lazy with my costume when it comes to Halloween. I just seem to wear the same silly glasses each year, plus ever since I had a kid I tend to focus all my creative costume time on her outfit. Random note: it sounds like there will be about 6 Elsa’s in my kiddo’s class this year. Goodness.

Need some silly Halloween costume inspiration? You can check out these past costumes I made for my kiddo: Red Fox and a Unicorn Wearing a Dress + Glasses.

– Chelsey

P.S. Just a reminder that you are very welcome to use these printable for personal use. The printables cannot be adjusted or used for commercial use. The frame is from Target. The fonts I used for this project are free to download and you can find them here: Nexa Rust and Mathlete

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Banana Note For The Lunch box

Banana Note

If you’re a Pinterest person, chances are you’ve seen the banana note image. It has made it’s way across the interwebs, and it’s a pretty darn cute idea. Bananas bruise easily, that’s why this banana note idea was sort of a “duh” moment for me. Not that it’s a necessary step in our lunch packing routine… I just think it’s a fun surprise for my daughter. I did this the other week and she asked her preschool teacher to read the note. When I picked her up from school I got the biggest hug and kiss for her lunch box surprise. Creating that “I love you” note on her banana snack was 1-minute well spent.


Banana Note

1. You need a needle or toothpick, a yellow banana, and a sweet (or weird/silly) note to write.

Banana Note

2. While you’re packing the kiddo’s lunch (and they aren’t looking), use the needle to scratch out a note. I went with the classic: “I love you!!!”, but you can write out whatever you want. “I’m bananas for you!”, “You’re sweet.”, “I’m a banana.”, or maybe you need to give the kid a reminder: “Clean your room.”

Side note…. Typing out “I’m a banana” reminded me of this totally ridiculous indie cartoon. So ridiculous, so silly.

Do you create any special surprises for your kiddo’s lunch?

– Chelsey

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I’m Back + 8 Travel DIY Ideas

What have I been up to? I took the most fabulous time off. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had few days off work, and I needed it (so bad). I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. Last week I went to New York for the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemakers event, flew home Friday night, and drove to Bend, Oregon, the next morning with my family. I was crazy busy, but I had a fantastic time. I’ll share some NYC highlights tomorrow (OMG, the food)… Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite Travel DIY Ideas from around the internets. Enjoy!

Clear Travel Makeup Bag, from Beautiful Kayekie.


Travel Bingo, from Say Yes.


Leather Travel Tag DIY, from Fairgoods.


DIY Travel Map, from Lovely Indeed.


Jewelry Roll DIY (made from a placemat), from The Paper Mama on HP Create.


Grumpy Cat Eye Mask, from Lovely Art.


Car Seat Organizer, from Cheryl Style.


I hope you all had a great week… And: yay for Fall!!!

- Chelsey

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