Flashback Friday … Sisters

{Nicole (2 years) and Chelsey (3 or 4 months)}

Christopher and Tia’s Flashback Friday!
Here’s a photo of my sis, Nicole, and I taken waaaay back in 1983. I’m going to take a guess and say I was about 3 or 4 months here… which means my sis was just over 2. Over at I Heart Faces they have a challenge coming up for recreating an old photo! I think we might recreate this one!

By the way… I really wish we still had that sweet red trike! I think little Ruari needs one of those! Oh, I just found some REALLY awesome Schwinn trikes on Amazon! I’m obsessed with Amazon. You can really find almost anything on there at a discounted price!

Looks like the trike comes in 3 colors: Pink, Red, and Blue. I would go for the pink or red one… but I think red wins! It would have to match my red KitchenAid mixer of course!

The Paper Lady
{Pink Schwinn trike: Amazon}

The Paper Lady
{Red Schwinn trike: Amazon}

Oh man. The trikes totally come with the tassels and bell! Ok, I’m saving my allowance!

Ruari wants to say, “Hey all you Mama bloggers!”:

{Ruari at 19 weeks. Holy cow!}

{Num dress!}

This one is titled: “Attitude”:


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