Flashback Friday: I have no idea… ;)

I have no idea when this photo was taken. I will make a guess: maybe 1992. I think I was about 8. Which makes my sis 10 and my bro 6. My brother is sitting on my cousin Diane’s lap and my mom is up on the arm of the sofa.

{The family in maybe 1992}

But, I’m not looking at the people in this photo: Check out the computer in the background! Holy old! It’s crazy looking! I wonder if it has the Oregon Trail on it… And, I’m pretty sure my Mom’s jumper is back in style! Yes! 🙂

Flashback with us…
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Fix-it Friday: I Heart Faces

This weeks Fix-it Friday on I heart Faces is a sweet little photo of a couple little babes! Here’s the original:


With this first fix I “de-fogged” the photo with some exposure and offset. Messed with the curves, the color, added a color filter, and then I cropped it. Tah-dah! 😉

{First fix}

With my second fix I worked on the hue and saturation a bit and added a little soft light. Then, I cropped it asymmetrically. I love asymmetry. I know, weird thing to love. 🙂

{Second fix}

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Thursday’s Three: My new grocery list

{Ruari at 22 weeks}

Today Ruari and I took some photos. I thought it was a perfect day for it. Good lighting! 🙂 I dressed her in stripes and polka dots with a flower skirt. My friend makes fun of me because I always mix patterns in my clothing. So, I dressed Ruari like this for her today. Ha!

{“Why I oughta!”}



{Tah dah?}

{She wants to eat the camera}

{And…. she’s done.}

On to my Thursday’s Three

This weeks Thursday’s Three is inspired by a shopping list I found in my purse… it looks a lot different than my pre-baby shopping list:

{My shopping list}

– Wine
– Butter
– Chicken
– Sugar
Diaper Butt Cream
– Beer
Milk Storage Bags
– Bread

{My new life: diapers with my wine}

1) This first pick is a super sweet apron dress from Lover Dovers Clothing. This shop has some way cute pieces! Please check them out!

{Hot pink and white polka dot apron: loverdoversclothing}

2) This shopping cart cover is just what I was looking for! I love it. It comes with extra padding for the most comfortable ride, snack pocket, toy loop, matching pillow, and a carrying bag. Please check them out!

{Shopping cart cover: longlegs7}

3) Once I pick up my goodies at the grocery store I should buy these fun little recipe cards. Super cute. Check out all of their paper goodies….

{Squirrel and Bunny recipe cards: boygirlparty}

What does your shopping list look like?

Don’t forget…

Vote for my baby’s photo! 🙂

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Vote-y Vote Vote.

Thanks for all the votes on my baby’s photo that’s up on Parents.com to be a finalist for the cover. She went from like #2,000 or so 2 days ago to around #800 today. 🙂 If you still think she’s cute you are more than welcome to vote for her again each day this week! Here’s the photo and here’s the link.

{Ruari at 20 weeks}


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Raw(e) Photo Challenge: Tattoos…

I stumbled onto this blog through someone’s blog… can’t remember who at the moment. Anyway… this photo is about the Untouched photo. This week is: tattoos…

{Me 2 years younger… May 2008}

This was taken after 2 and a half hours of tattoo fun. I still had another hour to go… I was a little spaced out…. 🙂

By the way, this is how it ended up…

{My tat}

Join the fun…


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Ruari’s first food

{Ruari at 22 weeks}

Sunday we tried out “real” food with Ruari. It went well! I think she liked it… It was so messy I’m not even sure she swallowed anything. We tried it again Monday and she loved it. I guess we’ll keep trying. 🙂

{Rice cereal}

We had purchased a small box of cereal so we could try it out. Just need to mix in some breast milk:


Check the consistency….

{Looks about right}

Then feed baby:

{That was messy!}

I didn’t actually use the spoon to feed her. We had a suggestion from a fellow mom blogger, Courtney at Love Love, to use my finger to feed her. Seemed to really work! I tried a baby spoon and she started to cry… :s

{Distracted easily…}

We’ll keep trying out the cereal for a while and maybe try some other goodies as well! 🙂


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