Ad Space

Hello there! If you have an online shop, blog, or website: The Paper Mama blog has ad space for you! I love working with handmade shops, bloggers, and so many more sites. PAHlus: it’s now ten million times easier to purchase ad space. What? Yeah. You can just scroll down a bit… yup, down there: click on whichever space you’d like… and purchase. If it’s sold out, no worries. You can purchase ad space for when the currently listed spaces expire. THAT means: less work for all of us. Yes!

Onto the details… I’m sure you’re curious:

– Ad space runs for 30 days.

– Do you need a button? If you purchase ad space, and don’t know how to make a button (or, don’t want to make one), I will make one for you! All I need is a couple of your favorite photos and I’ll put one together for you. For free (it’s included in all ad space purchases). How? Just purchase your ad space, and send me and email, thepapermama {at} gmail {dot} com, including a link to your blog and photos for the button. I’ll update your ad, after the button is finished.

– All the places I love to wander: Pinterest, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

– If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Anytime. P.S. I’m usually behind on emails… but, I’ll try and get to you ASAP. <3


I absolutely love giveaways. BUT, I try not to do too many. So, giveaways are limited. I am always open to hearing your ideas. Always. Details: High quality photos and a product value of at least $50 are required. I’m more than happy to include something into an outfit post, photography post, or DIY post… but I will only wear clothing that fits my personal taste and style. If you’re interested please email me and we can discuss more. <3

Boring stuff… but, you should know:

***The Paper Mama blog is a for profit blog. All sponsored items and posts are clearly marked and all opinions are mine and mine alone. All items sent to me will be considered for review, but I will only review items on my blog that I am truly passionate about and feel would fit my style. The advertising rates and buttons sizes may be subject to change as my readership continues to grow on a monthly basis. All billing is processed through Passionfruit Ads and must be received before your product or shop is featured on my blog. An advertising month is considered: 30 days from purchase and then approval on my end. All buttons need to be approved by me before they are featured on my blog. As owner of The Paper Mama blog: I reserve the right to end a sponsorship relationship without refund if I find the sponsor is doing business in an unethical manner and/or their website does not fit with my blog style.***

The Paper Mama Disclaimer