Our first chicken egg!

1st Chicken egg at The Paper Mama Farm // thepapermama.com

A Girl and Her Chicken // thepapermama.com

Well, it happened. One of the girls laid our first chicken egg on Sunday, and we’ve had an egg each day since then. With a little investigation I figured out it was my cuddly chicken, Boca. She’s seriously the weirdest chicken I’ve met. Not that I have really met that many chickens, but she likes to sit in laps and doesn’t mind being held. I’ve never been so excited to hold an egg in all my life. Ha! SO, in honor of this momentous occasion I have gathered some fun Chicken DIY’s for you to explore. I better see some chicken towel origami in my IG feed soon. Hee.

VERY useful. How to make a chicken towel. Hee.


 Wire Vase from Design Love Fest.


Woven veneer into chicken wire lamp shade from Kelly Simon Says.


Chicken wire photo/card wall from Kate and Chubby.


Chicken Sounds Toy from Llevo el Invierno.


Chicken Salad Bar. Gotta make this for my girls. From Fresh Eggs Daily.


 Happy Friday!

– Chelsey


  • Christina Main on said:

    Congrats to you! You must be such a proud chicken mama! Errr, did I just reinvent your name?!?!? Boom.

  • manasmith on said:

    Aww your chickens are so cute! Congrats to your Cuddly Chicken for laying her first eggs! I bet you're so excited.

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  • Paige on said:

    So exciting! We have chickens and ducks and I was so excite when our chicks started laying too. Enjoy!

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