What I’ve been up to…

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have been so crazy/awesome busy with my shops and I just wanted to share with all of you what I’ve been up to… LOTS of blog banners…. tattooing babies… paper crowns… there are so many. I wont share ALL of them… but… here are a few:

Blog banners:

This is the blog banner and button I created for the lovely Wendy over at Letters to Hannah. It’s a combination of my drawings and some photoshop goodness. Please, give her cute little blog a visit! Hannah’s adorable!

Courtney over had Daily PawPrints requested a banner with the skyline of her city in it. I added her dog, Mack, to watch over the city.

Fiona from Letters to Littles wanted to update her blog header because her Letters to Little blog would soon be turning into a Letters to LittleS blog! Give her a visit.

Tattooed Baby:

 I was lucky enough to tattoo little Piper (daughter to Amy) from Super-Piper-Callie-Docious. Say that 5 times fast! ;D Please, give her blog a visit! She’s a very talented photographer. (And, yup… I put a ton of watermarks all over her. I don’t want creepers to steal).

Paper Crown:

I made this crown for a fellow blogger to give to her friend… I don’t want to say her name just in case… for whatever reason… the bride-to-be might read my blog. I have no idea if she does or not… but, better safe than sorry! 😀 There is a title that is on the crown… but, I didn’t want to share that… just in case. 😀

LOTS of drawing…

Ever since I drew these and made this banner for Mandy at Harper’s Happenings:

I’ve had SO many requests for custom drawings. I have 3 custom drawing orders right now. I really need to say THANK YOU so much to Mandy! I hadn’t drawn anything since I was pregnant. Then she saw a couple of my drawings in my Etsy shop and wanted me to draw her and Miss Harper. Thanks Mandy!

AND…. I’m slowly (but, surely) finishing up the next grouping of blogs into my Paper Mama Blog Directory… I’ve had a LOT of positive feed back since I launched it a couple of weeks ago. Tara from Our Journey has said that she’s been found through my directory by people that are going through the same things that she has dealt with.

1 our journey

So… that’s what I’m up to… along with blogging of course! One more thing… I’ll be accepting new sponsors for the month of April soon! I’ll do a real blog post for that later.. but, just a heads up if you’re all interested!

Thanks again to everyone that is supporting my business! It’s always nice to be able to contribute to the family and help pay the bills! And, I’m getting closer and closer to my savings goal to go to BlogHer ’11. Yay!



BlogHer 2011!

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