Thursday’s Three: Growth

This weeks Thursday’s Three was inspired by the change and growth my group of girlfriends and I have gone through. We’ve all known each other for years now. I didn’t think it was even possible, but I enjoy and care for my girlfriends more and more with each passing year.

We’ve all been through a lot together: Friends passing, silly fights, miscarriages, my little birth incident, and MUCH more. I feel like we have grown even closer with all of us getting married and having babies and buying houses… doing big girl stuff!

Our priorities have changed. We’ve really grown up. I mean, just look at my photos. I see little bits and snippets of my friends in the background, but I’m focusing my camera on their children. They are SUPER cute kids!

A couple of my girls have blogs: Cositas Bellas and KB Squared.

Thursday’s Three: Growth

1) I really love this great little growth chart. I would be totally ok with this hanging in my living room! I know it’s a battle I probably wont win but, I’m trying SO hard to keep the babyish/girlyish stuff out of my living space as much as I can. Ha! I know it will eventually become impossible in my tiny home! 😀 Sigh… Another thing to save my money for. 😀 Please visit Studio 1AM and buy on for me, uhhhh you!

2)  So, I know I told you all I wont be getting pregnant again, safety reasons… but, I totally could have used this shirt. It really would have helped during the “It looks like I’ve gained some weight, but I’m actually pregnant” phase. Please head to Jellybean Apparel for more awesome preggo gear.

3) Moby Monthiversaries onesies. I’ve seen lots of mommies take photos of their babies in different numbered onesies each month. I never ended up doing this. But, I would have liked to. These are very cute! They have little whales on them. Cute. Go check out the Argyle Violets shop on Etsy.

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  • Faith on said:

    oh – these are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What great photos of great REAL friendships 🙂

  • The Planet Pink on said:

    Your photos are beautiful! The hearted out tushie shots are my fave! And how adorable are those onesies! Wish I had thought to do something like that!

  • K.B. on said:

    Love it, Chels! I agree, I am always amazed at how we are able to reinvent our friendships, making them even stronger than before. Aww…It's funny how we end up in the background after we have kids. Figuratively and literally.

  • ArtsyCanvasGirl on said:

    Beautiful amazing pictures! What a real feel good posting! Life is full of blessings!

  • Mandy on said:

    Beautiful photos! And isn't great that we can grow right along with our friends!? It's such a great blessing to have those people in our lives that stick by us and are always there for us!

  • sara on said:

    Oh my…Rauri's chunky little friend is so sweet!I love the month onsies…too bad I couldn't seem to get it together enough to get some. Maybe if I manage to stumble across another baby.

  • Mrs Mar on said:

    Love the photos. How cool with the onesies, I did take photos in the first week of each month of Mr Mar JR, but with what ever he had on for the day.

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    I loved the photos – I can't wait until all of my friends reach that point. I've got baby fever bad!

  • daniii♥ on said:

    The blog looks great (minus being really wide on my screen). Love the pictures and the whale transfers are ADORABLE.

  • Nicole on said:

    Your photos of the kids and your friends are beautiful. It looks like you have a nice group of people to have a wonderful weekend with and your kids are all very lucky to have close friends like that. I gush over those babies. Cute little cheeks.

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