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Day 12: Painted Silhouette Kid Craft

Painted Silhouette Kid Craft //

Day 12 of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Painted Silhouette Kid Craft! It’s a fantastic present for the grandparents (or aunts/uncles/friends). I love my daughter’s artwork… so much, but I wanted to created something for my mom that she’d love to hang up in her living room (not to say that she doesn’t love my kiddo’s drawings, but those all end up on the fridge). This is one of my mom’s (the kiddo’s grandma) gifts this Christmas. I’m betting she’ll love it, especially since my daughter is so proud of it! Want to make one for someone special in your life? Well, it’s easy. Follow the directions below.


- One piece of small birch or oak plywood

- Contact paper

- Acrylic paint

- Scissors or X-acto knife

- Printer + computer + camera/phone with camera

- Someone to take a photo of


Painted Silhouette Kid Craft //

- Put your kiddo (or whoever… cat … dog … husband … chicken) in front of a bright window. Using a camera (the camera on your phone will work), focus on the background of the image (outside). This will make the person in front of the window look dark. Perfect for a silhouette!

- Print out your photo. Following the outline, cut out your silhouette shape. Note: if your subject has messy hair (like my kiddo) you can just cut a smooth line over that messy part. 

Painted Silhouette Kid Craft //

- Trace the cut out silhouette shape onto a piece of contact paper. Cut out the traced shape with your scissors. If you’d like to get more detailed with the cutting, I suggest using an X-acto knife.

- Peel back the paper portion from the contact paper.  Press the outer portion of the cut out silhouette onto your plywood. Be sure to press down the edges VERY well. The more the contact paper is pressed down, the better chance you won’t have paint leaking under the contact paper. Note: if there are any portions of the plywood that are still showing (and you don’t want painted), cover with painters tape. My kiddo is crazy with the paint and I wanted to make sure she only painted the silhouette portion. 

- Set your kiddo up to paint! Since this is a gift for my mom, I gave her paint that I know would look good in my mom’s home. Some blues and gold. Let them go to town!

- When they are done painting, let the silhouette dry for about 24 hours. Carefully peel off the contact paper. I suggest tracing your X-acto knife along the silhouette edge to separate the paint from the contact paper.

- Optional: use E6000 to glue on a picture hanger to the back, OR use some temporary Scotch wall hangers to hang. 

Painted Silhouette Kid Craft //

- You could be done here, or there’s one more step… Since we used some light paint the silhouette blended into the wood color. I used a pencil to trace the edge.

- Done.

Wrap up this sweet thing and give to a favorite person… OR keep for yourself. Hee.

Painted Silhouette Kid Craft //

- Chelsey

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50 Diy Days of Christmas //

P.S. I do have a couple of spots open for the DIY Days, so if you think you have the perfect project to share send me an email. First, check out theDIY/Submission section in my FAQ’s for a bit of post submission info.  If you’d like to reminisce in the past 50 DIY Days of Christmas… here you are: 2011 & 2012.

For another AWESOME silhouette DIY, check out our ebook (comes with free printables):

Make Your Day //

“I Love You” Bunting

I Love You Bunting

I Love You. Something I tell my husband and daughter everyday. Why not write it out for all to see? I love glitter. A lot. Glitter sorta makes most things better. Feeling bored? Glitter. Need some sparkle? Glitter. Have a cold? Ok, not glitter… but it still makes me happy.

This little bunting will be a quick and fun project for you! I’ve included 3 different colors for you to use. There’s red 1 and red 2. Blue 1 and blue 2. Black 1 and Black 2. I used the red printouts, since I wanted to use red glitter.

How to:

Print out your I Love You printables, preferably onto a heavy card stock. You can also print these out onto printer paper, use a double sided adhesive to glue onto a heavy paper (I used watercolor paper). Cut out your letters.

I Love You Bunting

Evenly rub glue onto the top of each letter, followed by a nice coating of glitter. I like to gently push the glitter down on each letter (hopefully this holds the glitter better). If you see any blank spots, just use a bit of glue and add more glitter (I prefer to use a nice acid-free scrapbook glue, since it’s less likely to warp the paper). Extra tip: keep your sparkly letters up high and out of reach of nosy toddlers… cause they will touch. Hee!

I Love You Bunting

Use a hot glue gun to attach the top of the letters to some ribbon or kitchen twine.

I Love You Bunting

 Hang and enjoy

I Love You Bunting

I Love You Bunting

I love this bunting so much, I really don’t want to take it down after Valentines Day. I think I may hang it in my bedroom. At least for a few months… maybe until it collects too much dust/cat hair. Hee.

Happy Thursday to you!

- Chelsey

ALSO: My friend, Chelsea, also made this I Love You bunting. It’s fantastic.

Made it: Framed Wallpaper

Well, it’s done! Our lovely framed wallpaper wall. Annnd: I lurve it.

Our house is sort of awkward. It’s tiny and old with a weird shape. The living room/dining room is long and skinny, and setting up a comfortable space has been a challenge. Especially with this giant wall. Sooo, I gave up on it. Yup. I threw a couple of random frames up there, and let the wall die slowly until I didn’t even care anymore…. That’s a lie though. I do care, and have cared what that wall actually looks like. It’s what you see walking into my home. ::BAM:: Hello boring wall.

I needed a change. That’s where my wallpaper comes into play. Everyone say, “Hello, beautiful wallpaper!” When I was at Alt Summit last January, I met a few HP people. They were lovely. AND, I got a coupon to try out some custom wallpaper! Yup, that wallpaper is custom… my illustrations. It’s so exciting to see my work up on my wall! Next up: my own fabric line errr yeah. Hee.

How we did it:

- Put up your wallpaper (pre-measured/cut to the size you want). This wallpaper is easy to put up… it just requires water. There’s a whole video how-to if you’re interested (and, removing it is just as easy… with water). Siiide note: the video totally shows a lady doing this by herself… ummm. It required both my hubs and myself (along with some cursing). It is simple… but, a pain in my bum.

- Using trim, from a local home supply store, nail in a frame around the installed wallpaper.

- Time to paint the frame! If you have any gaps or spacing, use some caulk to fill the holes in before painting.

- You’re finished! Add some artwork if you’d like. Ta da!

 //Wallpaper c/o: Walls by, Gallery Direct//

We are in no way finished with this room… at all. I’m contemplating painting all my walls white. Crazy right? I just love adding color with accessories, etc. So, we’ll see. Plus, still in the process of working on our fireplace… hoping to be finished with that by fall (yeah).

Annnd. guess what? I have moooore wallpaper. I have all the wallpapers in the world!!! Sorry about that… anyway: it’s for a project we’re waiting to start after the heat wave…. it’s going in the hottest room in the home. I will definitely be sharing that when we’re done!

- Chelsey

P.S. I don’t believe Gallery Direct is set up for custom orders yet, but they will be soon!

Disclosure: I did not receive any payment for writing this post. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of the HP and Walls by, Gallery Direct.