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Happy Valentine’s Day prints for ALL of you.

Free Valentine's Heart Print //

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I know there are a TON of mixed feelings for this day, so I created some Valentine’s Day prints for all of you! Not into the holiday? I got you covered. Download these prints (right click + save): “Meh.” (blue or pink) & “Dislike.” (blue or pink) & “Not Want.” (blue or pink).

Free Valentine's Heart Print //

Totally into this holiday? Perfect! I have a couple other prints for you. Download these prints (right click + save): ”You Cute.” (blue or pink) & “I Like” (blue or pink).

Have a fabulous day! I hope you enjoy these very last minute free gifts. Hee.

- Chelsey

P.S. all prints are for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial use.

12 last minute super awesome Valentine gift DIY ideas!

12 Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas //

Valentine Arrow Cookies: Sugar and Cloth.

Giant Valentine Posters (free for download): Oh Happy Day.

Geometric Hearts Garland: How About Orange.


DIY Cement Valentines: Lovely Indeed.

XO DIY Wrap: Sugar and Cloth.

Printable 6-pack wrappers: HP Create.

Valentine’s Care Package: The House That Lars Built.

XOXO Painted Mug: The Proper Pinwheel.

 Beaded Doll Necklace for the kiddo: MollyMoo.

Geo Heart Bulletin Board: Hello Lucky.

Photo Strip DIY: Mod Podge Rocks for HP Create.

 Geometric Hearts: Mini Eco.

- Chelsey

For Your Grumpy Valentine.

 Angus in the snow //

We had a crazy/random snow day here in Portland, so I put my awesome Valentine project on hold for now (since I was too busy staring at the snow). Instead, I wanted to share a couple lovely grumpy Valentine gifts for you. Enjoy! The day is a week away!

Bitter Sweet Candy Heart Necklace: Danny Brito.

“You’ll Do” Free Printable Card: Mmmcrafts.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Tote DIY: The Cheap Luxury

- Chelsey

Valentine Charm DIY

Valentine Charm DIY //

The 80′s called and they want your craft back! My Valentine Charm DIY is made from the good ‘ol shrinky plastic material I used to make crafts with as a kid… in the 80′s. It’s fun. You color the plastic, bake it, and it’s a magical little charm! I almost forgot about this stuff until I ran across this Shrink Film at the craft store a few months back. It’s still as magical as it was back in 1989.

Valentine Charm DIY //


- Shrink Film

- Valentine Charm printable

- Jump Rings

- necklace chain

- Sharpie Gold Paint Pen

- baking parchment paper

- scissors

- hole punch

- oven


1. Print out the Valentine Charm printable. Note: your charm will shrink 50% (you can adjust the print size of the words if you want a smaller charm). 

2. Place a piece of Shrink Film over the printable, and trace the words with your Sharpie Gold Paint Pen. Let dry.

Valentine Charm DIY //

3. Use your scissors to cut out around your words. Be sure to leave a little space for the hole punch, and maybe an outline from the gold pen? Use the hole punch to cut one or two holes. Optional: Add a gold frame with your paint pen. I got a little crazy and geometric with one of my “let’s just be friends” charms. 

4. Preheat your oven somewhere between 300 and 350 degrees fahrenheit (my Shrink Film bakes great at 330). Place a piece of parchment paper on your baking sheet. Put the cut out words on the paper, then lay a piece of parchment over the words. Bake for 2 – 3 minutes (I usually take mine out at 2.5 minutes). Let the words cool completely.

Valentine Charm DIY //

5. Put your jump rings through the punched out charm holes, string on a necklace chain, AND you’re done!

Valentine Charm DIY //

Valentine Charm DIY //

Gift this to your favorite Valentine (or not so favorite…). I think the “Let’s just be friends.” charm is perfect for your best buddy.

- Chelsey