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Catching up on drawing: Week four is “4-legged friend”

Week 4 of 52 weeks of Drawing: 4 Legged Friend //

Week 4 of my 52 weeks of drawing: I got a little behind on this challenge and I’m just now caught up. This was for week four “4-legged friend”. This guy is my little pug bug.

If you want to keep up with my previous illustrations for this challenge, click here for the main post.

- Chelsey

Week 5 of drawing: Draw a profile.

Corgi Profile Illustration //


Week 5 of my 52 weeks of drawing: I drew this cute little guy. The corgi illustrations are by far the most popular in my little shop. I wanted to add a little profile view of these little pups. He does have a full body, just not shown here. By the way, if you want an adorable overload, just google corgi images for a good time.

If you want to keep up with my previous illustrations for this challenge, click here for the main post. I’m only missing last weeks, which should be done by Saturday. Whew! Go me!

- Chelsey

P.S. my shopped is closed for the moment, will be back up soon. 

52 Weeks of Drawing: 4 legged friend & profile

Well, I was so busy with my Alt Summit stuff that I got a bit behind on my 52 weeks of drawings (if you’re not sure what that is, you can read my original post here). I’m just about caught up! While this is actually the 6th week of my project… these illustrations are for weeks 4 and 5.

Week 4: Four Legged Friend

52 Weeks of Drawing

For the week of my 4 Legged Friend I drew a Basset Hound. I’ve been getting a ton of requests to draw almost every dog breed you can think of! People love their pups! SO, I decided to add this guy to my pup club. I do need to say that Basset Hounds may be some of the most adorable puppies in the world… so squishy!

Week 5: Profile

Week 5


My week 5 illustration was actually drawn about 3 weeks ago. I drew this profile, Miss Capree of Curbly and Dog Milk, for my Alt Summit panel.

The drawing I need to work on for week 6 is Tool. Hopefully I can get it finished by the end of this week. I’d like to keep myself up to date. I’ll also be starting my week 7 illustration, too. Week 7: Something You Love…

- Chelsey

P.S. AS usual… you are more than welcome to join me! You can share a link to your drawings posts below.



Obsessing over: Getting our fence finished. My husband started building a sweet little picket fence around the house… and, it’s taking so much time. Our weekends have been so busy… we haven’t had enough time to work on it nonstop. Just a little here… and, a little there. We want to get it done before the rain starts…. never know when that season will start (and, never stop) in Oregon. THEN: we get chicks in the Spring! Weeeeee!

Working on: Getting myself and shop ready for the holiday season. Last year, I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t keep my little stuffies (see image above), stocked  in the shop. They sold out every time I put them up (or, even before they made it in the shop). SO, I’m stocking up. Yup. They will be up in about 2 weeks. AND, I have more pups coming… P.S. I’ve had a few questions about these stuffies: The dogs are about 6 to 8 inches tall and I do custom orders (order a custom pet illustration, plus $15 for the stuffie and shipping). You can email me if you have more questions about this.

Thinking about: About 5 billion things. Always. So much on the brain.

Anticipating: A trip I’m taking soon! I’m super excited about it. It’s a business trip… BUT, it will be fantastic. Ok, I can’t keep it to myself: I’m headed to Napa for 3 days. Bah! I can’t wait.

Listening to: Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together” on my favorite Pandora channel: She and Him.

Drinking: A glass of wine.

Wishing: That I had an assistant. Someone that will work for free. Ha!

What would your current list look like?

- Chelsey