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Bird Nest Helper


Yesterday the kiddo and I made a little gift for the birds. When I was little I ALWAYS wanted to do this: a bird nest helper. Yarn bits and grass/branch pieces for our feathered friends. Not that they need the help… but it was fun! SO, during my research for this project, I found out a few things. First, you probably want to use all natural materials for this. As in… no acrylic/rayon yarn. I used wool and cotton. I also read: don’t use dryer lint. Dryer lint tends to fall apart and disintegrate, and this can create a weak nest for your birdies.

Things to use: sticks, grass, moss, natural yarn and string, and even hair (sort of ewww…. but those birds love it)! You want to keep all string/yarn lengths under 3 – 4 inches. I have NO idea why. I just read this multiple times, so I stuck with it.¬†Add all these bits and pieces to a suet feeder, thistle feeder bag, or even an old orange mesh bag and hang from a tree. We hung ours in a tree in front of our living room window… hopefully we’ll see those birds grabbing some nest goodies this spring!





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