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My Little Kitty Backpack DIY

My Little Kitty Backpack //

My Little Kitty Backpack //

My Little Kitty Backpack //

I don’t usually know what I’m doing when I sew, but I do like to experiment. That’s how I came up with this My Little Kitty Backpack DIY (yeah… My Little Pony was on in the background when I named this, hee). It works perfectly for my little preschool girl. She asked for a kitty backpack, and that’s what I tried to make (sorta has a raccoon feel, but she loves it). Below I’ve attempted to share how I made it. Mostly I just guessed and it worked.

my little kitty cat backpack //


- 1/2 yard duck cloth

- 1/2 yard pretty fabric

- 1/2 yard oil cloth

- 1/8 yard of dark grey felt

- 1/8 yard of white felt

- One teensy piece of pink felt

- A small piece of blue yarn

- 1.5 yards of one inch wide belting trim

- 2: one inch wide strap adjusters

A quick how-to:

- First a note: all of these sizes can be adjusted and changed to make the perfect backpack for you. This size fits my little 3.5-year-old nicely. PLUS, I freehand cut the curves/eyes/nose/tail. PLUSandalso: I have totally taught myself to sew and make up all sorts of sewing terms, since I’m usually guessing how to make somethin’. What I’m trying to say: these instructions are crazy.

Fabric cuts:

- Interior of the backpack: Cut two 12″ wide by 13.5″ high pieces of oil cloth.

- Outer section of the backpack: Cut out two 13″ wide by 14″ high rectangle fabric pieces of both the duck cloth and pretty fabric.

- Pocket: Cut out a 6″ x 6″ piece of duck cloth and pretty fabric.

- Cat tail: Cut a 10″ by 12″ piece of duck cloth. Freehand cut 5 piece of dark grey felt.

- Cat face flap: cut a 13″ wide by 7″ high piece of duck cloth and oil cloth. Freehand cut 4 pieces of duck cloth in triangle shapes. Freehand cut 2 white fleece triangle pieces. Freehand cut two 2 inch circles of white felt. Freehand cut two 1 inch circles of dark grey felt. Cut a cute little piece to make the nose for the kitty, from the pink felt.

- Backpack straps: Two 11″ by 6″ pieces of oil cloth.

What I did:

my little kitty cat backpack //

- Place the interior of backpack oil cloth right sides together. Sew a 1/2 inch seam around the two 13.5″ sides + one 12 inch side. On the 13.5″ sides, only sew up to 12.5 inches (the extra inch will be folded back and sewn).

- Pin the wrong sides of the duck cloth and pretty fabric together, from the exterior backpack cuts. Repeat with the other exterior backpack fabric.

my little kitty cat backpack //

- Fold the edges, about 1/2 inch fold, of the cut pocket fabrics in and stitch. Pin the pocket into the center of one of the exterior backpack pinned pieces. Sew the pocket on.

my little kitty cat backpack //

- For the cat face flap: grab the cut cat face flap fabric pieces, sew the eyes and nose onto the duck cloth. Stitch the little mouth (in the shape of an upside down “v”). Place the right side pieces together freehand sew a curve (to make the cat face shape). Trim the extra fabric, then flip the inside out.

- Sew the triangle ear pieces together. Flip inside out.

- Freehand sew a cat tail shape. Trim and flip inside out.

my little kitty cat backpack //

- Grab the exterior backpack and sewn interior backpack pieces. With the pretty fabric facing out (and the interior backpack piece in the center), fold in the edges of the pretty fabric and pin to the sewn oil cloth. Pin two 12″ pieces of the belting trim to the bottom of the backpack. Pin the tail in between the belting pieces. Sew the two long sides and and the bottom of the backpack.

my little kitty cat backpack //

- Fold the backpack strap oil cloth into 1.5 inch sections (right side facing out) and pin. Add a small 4 inch piece of belting strip to the base of each strap, loop into the back of the strap adjusters, and pin to the strap. Stitch the strap/belting strip together.

- Fold in the fabric on the top of the backpack. Pin the cat face flap, straps, a 6 inch loop handle, and ears to the top. Sew, and you’re done!

My Little Kitty Backpack //

It’s not the most perfect sewing project, but it turned out very cute and my kiddo loves it!

- Chelsey

Paint Chip Tote + new better homes and gardens post

Paint Chip Tote

Another Thursday, another Better Homes and Gardens post. Yay! If you head on over to the Better Homes and Gardens blog today, you’ll see a DIY for my Paint Chip Pillow. Yeah! I used my paint chip printouts to create a Paint Chip Tote & a pillow. Head over to BHG to get your free printouts today. If you’d prefer to make the tote instead of the pillow… It’s pretty much the SAME thing as making the pillow. Just stitch an opening at the top and add some straps. Yup!

paint chip bag

Paint Chip Tote

I really hope you enjoy! I’m loving this pillow and tote. <3 Also, here’s a sneak peak of my BHG Paint Chip Pillow. I think it’s pretty adorable…..

Paint Chip Pillow

- Chelsey

What’s in my purse?

I’m sort of a weirdo with my purse. I like my purse clean and organized. I haven’t always been this way…. Seriously. I was totally fine with taking 9 million hours to find that chapstick at the bottom of my purse (drove husband crazy). But, in the past year I’ve discovered the value of being able to find something I need fast. Mostly because of the crazy toddler I usually hang out with. She doesn’t enjoy sitting still while I pay for anything. Plus, last year I pulled out an opened tampon out of my purse with all my blogger friends at a nice restaurant. Ba! Ha. My daughter used to always get into my purse and open up all my tampons. Weirdy. Anywho… that inspired me… hee.

So, this is what I want to show you. My sort of anal…. but, awesome…. organization of my purse. I keep my bag filled with many tiny bags….yup. I have a beauty bag, a pen/pencil and sketch pad bag, my “emergency” bag, and a couple others. Here, I’ll just show you how I organize…..

All the bags (and my keys… and, rape whistle. Thank you mom.):

My artsy pouch:

{//Pouch care of: Gussy Sews//Pens and Pencils//Notepad care of: Miro//}

Hello artsy pouch. This is where I carry pencils, pens, and a teeny notepad. I have been known to carry a massive sketchbook with me wherever I go… but, it’s really too much for everyday. Now, if I we’re headed somewhere I know I’ll just be sitting around and hanging out… I’m tossing my sketch pad in there! PLUS, I add an additional pouch of all my sketching pencils/pens/erasers.

My beauty kit:

{//Pouch care of: Gussy Sews//Earrings: all from F21//Bobby pins, hair ties and Spin pins//Bra strap clip//Sunglasses: Target//}

My little beauty bag. Earrings… in case I forget to wear some and I’m out on a hot date. Bobby pins and hair ties are always necessary. Plus, I carry one of those Goody Spin Pins. Seriously the fastest way to get my hair out of my face. AND, the sunglasses. Those are only in my purse about 6 months out of the year…. Oregon.

My “emergency” pouch:

{Pouch: f21//Wallet: Target//Stylus//ibuprofen//little bandaids and mole skin//tea//tampon//Snacky snacks//}

This is my “emergency” kit. I carry the things I always seem to need… but, never think to carry in here. Bandaid? Yup. Right there. Mole skin for shoes hurting my feet? Yus. Girly time stuff? Tampon and ibuprofen are there. Tea? Yeeeess. AND, snacks? Yes. I’m a grumpy girl when I get hungry. I ALWAYS remember to pack Ruari’s snacks… but, not for me. So, I just have those things in my purse. Just in case. And, then there’s my wallet. I don’t carry it in the emergency kit… just pictured it here. I just carry my ID and cards in there. I decided against taking a photo of all my cards to share online. Ha!

The everyday bag:

{//Pouch co: Charm Design//lip gloss: f21//lipstick 1: Radiant reef//lipstick 2: Maybeline are you red-dy//chapstick: Burts Bees//lipstick 3: Revlon Lip Butter peach parfait//lotion: coconut-lime//Mirror//lipstick primer: mac//}

This is my everyday bag. I put things in here that I tend to look for everyday. Lotion and chapstick are the big ones. I’ll also toss my keys and cell phone in here. I don’t wear too much makeup…. I basically stick to mascara, lipstick, and maybe a bit of coverup if needed. So, I don’t really carry any of that stuff with me… except my fave lipsticks/chapstick. Let’s talk about that mac primer…. it’s awesome. I put it on before all lipstick. Basically it makes your lipstick last SO much longer… I can wear the super cheap lipstick and make it last all day with this stuff! It’s $15… but, it’s worth it. I don’t wear lipstick everyday so I don’t go through it too fast.

The others:

{//Beaded coin purse: gift//Leather bizz card carrier: Freshly Picked//Bizz card wallet and keychain: Peggy Anne Design//}

And, the leftovers of the purse…. I have my little beaded purse. That carries all those darn shop cards… etc. (P.S. I do love my Supportland card). I also throw change and coupons in there. My leather business card holder came from Susan, Freshly Picked, when I met her at Alt Summit. She was adorable by the way. She was handing out all her business cards in these leather carriers. I kept mine and use it to put any business cards people give to me while I’m out and about. My business card keychain is for MY cards. I seriously have like 5 different types of cards. I just throw in a variety and that way I always have my cards with me.

I forgot to include my phone in these photos… that’s ALWAYS with me. Naked without it. And, on occasion I throw (gently) my camera in there. Yup… that makes my purse ridiculously heavy. BUT, if I want a lighter purse and I’m headed out for the evening… I can just remove a few of my pouches that I know I won’t need. I have pockets in the purse that catch my receipts and other nicknacks… like plastic horsies.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

- Chelsey

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I was provided with 2 Gussy Sews compact bags, and a Miro notepad.. All opinions are 100% my own. You can use the discount code: PAPERMAMA at Gussy Sews through May 13th to save 10%!