Our Tiny Home: Our Room Makeovers

Happy Wednesdays! I was getting ready to plan our next DIY update around the home and then I decided to wander through my blog and check out my past home DIYs for inspiration, so I thought today would be the perfect day to share all the little updates we’ve made to our home. It’s not a lot, but we are on our way to creating a well organized home.

We are definitely lacking in storage, so a few years ago we created a mini pantry in a tiny nook of the kitchen. Head on over to the Home Depot blog to see how we built this pantry!

Our front entry was SO boring and there was no where to store shoes, keys, or really anything you need by the door. So I fixed that problem by adding a little shoe storage and making the area pretty. Check out the front entry makeover here!

To add a little more organization and storage to the front entry I installed a cute coat rack to hang purses and other items across from the shoe storage. Check out the coat rack makeover here.

You might have seen this most recent makeover on the blog the other week. We FINALLY finished fixing up our fireplace and setting up our art wall. Head on over here to check out the art wall and here to see how we made the built in storage around the fireplace.

Coming soon: our baby room! We were so busy with the fireplace we haven’t finished a few things in the baby room. We didn’t really have a space to put our new baby, so we made a room for her out of the kitchen nook. We put up a wall and put up storage. We call it our Harry Potter room. Ha! To check out a sneak peak of the room you can head over here!

– Chelsey

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New Product in the Shop – Decorative Dog Pillows!

Another round of new product up in the shop! I have been making these dog pillows for a few years now, but I’ve only really sold them at craft shows. I just never had the space to store these pillows for online sales, but now I’m ready. I have organized my little craft and shop storage space and I can now sell these cute pillows online. There are small, medium, and large sizes all sewn by me (or, occasionally my mom helps) and they are the perfect little decorations for your home. If you don’t see the dog breed you are looking for, don’t worry! I have a ton more that will be up in the shop in the next few months.

Head on over to the shop to check out all the pillows I have. Have a great day!

Coming soon to the shop: ridiculous postcards and pretty art prints.

– Chelsey

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DIY Art Display for Kids – Easily Switch Out Their Artwork

The other day I shared our living room gallery art wall and you may have noticed that we have two framed areas that are specifically for artwork made by our kids. Today I’ll share how you can easily make those kid art displays for your home! It’s easy.

My oldest daughter really wanted a spot to hang her artwork up on the wall and next to all of our other framed art, but it’s insane how much art she actually makes. Taking her creations off the wall and out of the frames and putting new stuff back onto the wall is a pain in the butt… and the art pieces are always odd shapes and sizes. This art display has solved our problems. This is how we did it.

Things you will need to make this DIY Art Display for Kids:

  • a large empty frame (mine came from Michaels)
  • one or two clips that have holes on the handles (my clips came from Michaels)
  • picture hooks
  • optional: command strips

How to do it:

  1. Hang up your frame on the wall. I love using command strips because you can easily remove them without leaving holes in your wall, but if that is not an option use a picture hanger.
  2. Nail in the picture hooks into the wall. The picture hooks will hold up your clips. I chose to use two clips for each frame so we could hang up two pieces of artwork if we wanted. If my daughter has a larger piece of artwork (like the alien in the first photo) I can just unhook one of the clips and use the top clip to hang the big art, but with smaller art (like the photo below) I have two hooks to hang those small pieces.
  3. That’s it! It’s very simple to do and my daughter is very proud to have her own art hanging up on our gallery wall. We have two different frames for kid artwork because I know eventually our 15 month old will want her art up there, too.

How do you hang kid art? On the walls? On the fridge? Straight to the garbage…? Just kidding.

Check out my whole gallery art wall over here.

– Chelsey

P.S. I use Amazon affiliate links.

New Product in the Shop – Dog and Cat Earrings!

New product up in the shop!

I now have a new style of laser cut wooden earrings for sale! The majority of the earrings are dogs for now (more coming in the future) and then there is a pair of white kitty earrings for those cat lovers.

These earrings are professionally laser cut wood pieces with my original illustrations printed directly onto the earrings and then sealed. All of these earrings are around 1/2″ – 3/4″ at the widest length and have surgical steel posts.

Check out my shop here (or just head straight to the earrings section)!

– Chelsey

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