Thursday’s Three: Honey bee

{Ruari Bee at 20 weeks}

{Photo from: Bees and Chicks blog}

This weeks Thursday’s Three is inspired by the naughty bee’s building a hive in the attic of our detached garage!

There is now a steady stream of bee’s flying into the cracks of our old rickety garage. Ugh. I am very against killing the bees… Mike wants to spray bug killer in there. I don’t! Doesn’t he know the bees are dying! Plus: How many stories have you heard about people trying to get rid of bee hives on there own? I’ve heard plenty (many from my uncles) and it never ends well. The bees usually win!

{Photo from: Bees and Chicks blog}

I’ve read there are some bee keepers that will come and remove your swarm for free… but, who really wants to climb up into my squirrel (yeah, they’re there too) and bee infested attic of my garage? I have a feeling it may be spendy to pay for it to be removed… hmmm….

On to my three:
1) This first pick is the cute little Wheely’s from Prince Lionheart. I love the bumble bee, but they also come as a lady bug and a cow. And, they come in two sizes. I’ve also seen a mouse and a tiger. So cute!

{Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug: on Amazon}

{Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug: on Amazon}

2) This amazingly sweet dress has some bee print fabric on the waist. I found this at the Etsy shop: Lottie Da Baby. Wow, please check them out. There are so many dresses on there that I think I need! Definitely a fave! By the way: this is a new shop… so, show them some love!

{Birds and Bees dress from: Lottie Da Baby}

{Birds and Bees dress from: Lottie Da Baby}

3) A cute little baby beanie from Daisy Mae Hats. Please check out this shop to find some more sweet creations! I want them all!

{Girly Bumblebee beanie: daisymaehats}

{Girly Bumblebee beanie: daisymaehats}

And, keeping with the bee theme… I’m going to do a product review on Burts Bees Baby tomorrow. Don’t forget to come check it out!


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4 generations

I finally remembered to take a photo of my Grammy, Mom, Sister, Ruari, and I. Four generations here. A picture is needed!

{Me, Grammy, Mom, Ruari, and Sister}

Please enjoy these random photos from Mother’s Day!


{Beer cap hats}

{Me and Nicole’s hand}

{Miss Nicole}

(Beverly and Grammy}

{Love birds}


{Check out this awesome family tree from Sarah Jane. So cute!}


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Have you seen me? Hello?

{Sophie the missing Giraffe!}

I have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find Sophie! I brought her to my Grandma’s for Mother’s Day and haven’t seen her since. I’m always so good at keeping track of her… Baby needs to chew on her!

I bet she’s under something in this messy house of mine. Maybe I’ll find her soon. I hope! Look how lost Ruari looks without her… 😉

{Ruari at 20 weeks}

Click here to see my previous Product Review on Sophie the Teether Giraffe.

By the way, we had a lovely weekend. The weather was very nice! The forecast for this week is sunny and in the 70’s! Wow, what a great week.

{Tummy time}

{Baby’s drink. Mommy’s Drink}

{Taking a snooze outside with mommy}


{Ruari and mama}

I hope you all had a lovely and joyful weekend!


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