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Wednesday Goodies: Spruce up your furniture with… Washi Tape!

I’ve been sharing a Wordless Wednesday link up for, gosh, FOREVER now. I love having this link up, but I really don’t know if it qualifies as a “wordless” post. I love Wednesday’s and always have a ton to say. Ha! SO, I’m just going to change the name to Wednesday Goodies. I usually share my favorite things on this day, so this name just covers this better.

OK, onto this Wednesday’s Goodies…

Do you have any furniture pieces you love, but there’s just something missing? Well, we have this dresser in our entryway that I LOVE, but it’s pretty boring at the moment. While at Alt Summit, I saw that Better Homes and Gardens used some Washi Tape to spruce up a piece of furniture in their booth. So simple/quick/cute. SO, I’ve added a bit of washi tape to my dresser. IT’s not permanent, but I’m happy with it for the moment. Much better than the plain brown.


Washi Tape Dresser


Washi Tape Dresser

Washi Tape Dresser

If you’d like to see all the details on my washi tape dresser, head on over to my Better Homes and Gardens post. Sooooo, what do you think? Any thoughts/ideas on what I should do for a more PERMANENT update to this dresser? I love the shape of this thing, but this solid color is just not cutting it for me.

Happy Wednesday,



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Vote for me?

I entered a little crafting contest last week, and now you can vote for me (well, if you like my creation). Click here, and vote for the The Paper Mama-Washi Tape (or whatever else you’d like to vote for) We had to create something using tape. I used Washi Tape to create an amazing beautiful crown! ;) If you REALLY want to see the other entries, they are here. And, here’s my original entry.

{Paper Lady Invites}

Thanks everyone! AND: Hello to everyone on New Friend Friday!

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Trendy Crafter: Tape (and a little blog hopping friday)

Trendy Treehouse is having a little fun and putting up crafty challenges each week. This first one is tape. Use any sort of tape you have to create something crafty. I chose Washi Tape. Fun stuff!

Here’s my creation: A paper/washi tape tiara…

{Paper Lady Invites}

I used the tape for the main part of the crown, as well as the flowers.

{Paper Lady Invites}

Here’s a quick tutorial:

First I started with some washi tape and created a design by taping multiple pieces to a sheet of paper. I had purchased three different colors, but I didn’t end up using the pink.

{washi tape}

When you’ve got your tape on the paper… it’s time to trace your crowns pattern. Then cut it out! Cut out the shape for your flower petals too. I like to freehand those.

Then I used some Edgers scissors to cut out my leaves.

When I create flowers I always like to have some sort of visual for inspiration. I found these very pretty poppies in the most recent Martha Stewart Living magazine.

I used some eyelets to hold my flower petals together.

I picked out some twigs from around the house, glued some glitter on them.

Gathered up all of my pieces and attach to a headband, glue on some tissue, and: Ta Dah!

{Paper Lady Invites}
If you have a tape creation you’d like to enter, please head on over!

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