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Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers //

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers //

My darling kiddo turned four in December. She’s CRAZY about unicorns (OBSESSED). We had a fun Unicorn Extravaganza party to celebrate her day with family and friends. We kept the decor pretty simple, but I did make these little unicorn cupcake toppers. They made me giggle. They made my daughter confused…. “Ummm, why are they on their heads? They should be walking on their feet!” Well, I thought they were silly. Hee. I thought maybe I should share these with you guys… just in case you have a crazy unicorn girl (or boy) in your life.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers //

It’s so easy to do. Just cut out the little unicorn shapes and hot glue some toothpicks to the heads. Stick in some cupcakes, done. Just click here, right click + save to get your printout. ENJOY!

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers //

- Chelsey

Happy Birthday to my 4-year-old!

Ruari //

Today my little girl turns 4. I can’t even. Time is flying and my heart… is both happy and a little sad. My baby is turning into a kid. A lady. She’s turning into a human. A friend. Someone that cares and feels and understands. This little creature that started out as a little blip in my belly has transformed  into this amazing person that I’m so happy to have in my life.

Crap, now I’m crying.

Happy 4th birthday to the most amazing human I know!

- Chelsey

Day 1: Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props

50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props //

Day 1 of 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props! I’m prepping the final details for my PNW Blogger Holiday Party and I needed some perfect props for our photo booth. What screams PNW? Woodland creatures and well, beards. I can’t wait to put these to use at the party.

I think these would be perfect for the kiddos during the holidays. A little spur of the moment Christmas photo booth could be fun! My kiddo has been wearing some felt ears about once a week. She tells me they are Armadillo ears. Hee.

50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props //


- A variety of felt

- Headbands

- Hot glue

- Scissors

- Wire

- Free Patterns: Fox and Mouse, Rabbit and Doe, Antlers, and Beard

50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props // thepapermama.com50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props //


- Cut out the patterns for your ears and beards.

- Trace the patterns onto your felt. Cut out the traced felt.

- Glue the felt onto your headbands, folding the felt pieces together and gluing with hot glue. Some of the ears may need some extra support (like the antlers, rabbit ears, and fox ears), so use some wire to hold up the ears. Use wire to create ear hooks and glue onto your beards.

- Enjoy!

50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props //

50 Diy Days of Christmas Pacific Northwest Photo Booth Props //

Happy Monday!

- Chelsey

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50 Diy Days of Christmas //

P.S. I do have a couple of spots open for the DIY Days, so if you think you have the perfect project to share send me an email. First, check out theDIY/Submission section in my FAQ’s for a bit of post submission info.  If you’d like to reminisce in the past 50 DIY Days of Christmas… here you are:2011 & 2012

Taking the kid out of the internet.

KID //

I’m taking the kid out of the internet. You may have noticed, or maybe not, my kiddo’s face has been pretty absent from my blog and all social media. If there is a photo, it’s usually only her eyes (cause those peepers are gorgeous). It’s a decision I’ve struggled with since she was a wee babe. She’s getting older and I just don’t know if I want her online. When she was a squishy blobby baby, I was ok… but now she’s turning into  a human. I know eventually she’ll be a preteen asking me for a Facebook account (or, whatever new social site there will be in 10ish years), but for now I am going to limit things… since she still listens to me… for now. Ha!

I know there are past posts with her cute face all over them, but it’s time to limit her appearance from here on out. Sad, but it’s for the best. I feel more comfortable with things this way. DON’T worry, there will be a ton of photos of the cats/dog/chickens. What about you…. are you limiting photos of your kids online?

- Chelsey