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Sad day for the chicken eggs.

Day 6 Candled Egg infertile //

Well, sad day for our chicken eggs. The eggs we set under our hen last week are all duds. I’m sad (and she worked so hard), but there just weren’t any chicks developing in the eggs when we checked. BUT, we aren’t giving up. We went to the Portland Homestead Supply Co. and bought some of their blended fertile eggs to TRY and hatch. We picked out a blue egg, green egg, and super dark brown egg. PLUS, they gave us a couple tiny eggs from the chickens they have at their store.

Cross everything that this works. Our broody chicken has been working so hard to hatch those eggs, I hope it works this time. I guess we are starting the countdown all over again…. IF these eggs are fertile (and make it through) we will have some chicks on April 29th. I’ll be sure to share updates!

- Chelsey

Well, let’s give this a try: hatching baby chicks.

Broody Chicken //

Well, our lovely girl (Ms. Pickles) has decided to go all broody on us. K, what’s broody? Well… it’s when your chicken can feel the start of Spring, loses her mind, and decides to hatch everything she finds. The thing is, we don’t have a rooster and therefor no fertilized eggs. All this egg warming is doin’ nothing, poor thing. She’s so serious about it. She sits in her little box ALL day. I mean, all day. We had to push her out a few times to make her eat and drink water.

So, because of all this we decided to try something new. We wandered over to a little garden shop, Pistils Nursery, to look around. Turns out they had a little basket of fertilized eggs from their garden chickens for $1 each. We bought 3 (and they gave us 2 extra, since they were a bit old). They told us to put those eggs under our broody chicken and we should have some baby chicks in 21 or so days! We wanted more chickens this year, but weren’t too excited about the idea of raising those little girls inside (since chicks are so messy). If our broody chicken hatches these girls she will also raise them! Yay for us! So, cross everything that these eggs hatch and we get 0 roosters (since those aren’t allowed in our city).

Chicken Eggs //

Wish us luck!

- Chelsey

Day 9: Painted Feather Ornament

Painted Feather Ornament //

Day 9 of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Painted Feather Ornaments. I’ve got feathers everywhere. My chickens drop them like crazy. It’s slowed down a bit since the weather got colder, but from the summer supply my daughter collected, I had enough to make a few painted feather ornaments. I think these little guys would look lovely on a holiday tree, or even a Christmas gift.

Painted Feather Ornament //


- Feather

- Acrylic paint

- Gold thread


- Gather your feathers from your chickens. If you DON’T have chickens, you can also find feathers at your local craft store.

- Figure out the design you’d like on your feather. I stuck to the simple stuff and did a basic blue block with a gold outline, then a gold block with black polka dots. The feathers were already beautiful, so I didn’t want to take too much away from the loveliness they already had.

- Let dry.

- Tie a knot + bow with your gold thread onto the end of your feather and hang on your beautiful Christmas tree! OR, use the feathers as a gift decor or door decor. Enjoy!

Painted Feather Ornament //

- Chelsey

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50 Diy Days of Christmas //

P.S. I do have a couple of spots open for the DIY Days, so if you think you have the perfect project to share send me an email. First, check out theDIY/Submission section in my FAQ’s for a bit of post submission info.  If you’d like to reminisce in the past 50 DIY Days of Christmas… here you are: 2011 & 2012.

Seed Saver Packet Printables

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Summer is just about over, that’s why I made some Seed Saver Packet Printables. I’ve saved a few seeds from some favorite plants, and plan to save more (prepping some tomato plant seeds as we speak). It’s simple to do.

To make these for yourself, print out the packet printable below and cut out the seed savers. Glue together, label, and add seeds + seal. Save and print when the seeds are ready! Side note: if you have small seeds, like poppy seeds, use some washi tape for any holes/cracks (since the seeds are so small).

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Click + right click + save on the image below:

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

PLUS: these would make very adorable gifts.

- Chelsey