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The baby book.

The baby book. It’s about darn time I finished this thing. Ruari’s headed towards 2 and a half and I finally finished a book on her first year. As a little mother’s day gift to myself…. I created this sweet little 5 x 5 book with Pinhole Press. It’s beautiful…. well, of course: it’s all about my favorite girl. This book is 60 pages…. I would have thought I could fit SO many photos into a book like this. BUT, it was so difficult. I wandered through and chose my favorite photos (out of seriously thousands) from each month of her first year. PLUS, I also included all the milestones I recorded and notes I wrote to her on my blog.

Her book came to me in the mail last Friday. I opened up the tiny package and was instantly in love. It’s so sweet I just want to hold it and hug it. I am so ready and excited to create the next one for Ruari’s second year!

Here are a few bit and pieces of my favorite pages…

 Do you love? Me too.

- Chelsey

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Thank you to Pinhole Press for sharing this book with me. I wasn’t paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

R’s first year.

I’ve been in the process of gathering up and organizing the first year of Ruari’s life. If  you haven’t read it before… I’ll let you know a little something about me: I tend to procrastinate on home projects. So, I really didn’t want R’s first year to turn into one of those projects! At all. I’ve finished her baby book for the first year and now I created a short little video of my favorite video clips, bits, and  photos of the first 12 months using Animoto.

This little video is sort of a mama’s day gift for me. <3 I have roughly one million videos from R’s first year that are just sitting there on our mass storage drive. Doing nothing. I attempted to make a video montage on my old PC for her first birthday… it was an absolute frustrating disaster. I spent so much darn time on that thing and didn’t have anything to show for it since I couldn’t figure it all out. I think I’ll need to create a few different Animoto videos of my girl. I think next up is a food themed clip, then a year 2 video. I so wish I knew about this site when Ruari turned one and 2!

So lucky for me this was surprisingly simple and I’ve watched this video I made about 4 times already. Makes me smile/tear up! I can’t believe how small she was….

I really hope you enjoyed. I had fun creating it. I shared it with Ruari… she liked the first minute, then got distracted by something shiny and wandered away…. but, I know she’ll love it in the future. Do you have a ton of videos just sitting there? Doing nothing? Am I the only one? Anything to make my life easier is good in my book.

Plus, one more thing Animoto wants to share something with you all:

GIVEAWAY: One winner from my blog will receive a coupon code for a one-year subscription to Animoto Plus! (You’re also welcome to use this code: CleverFL to get a free full length video. Use it! It’s a great deal!)

For a chance To win just comment below answering this question, “Who are you making your video for?”

- Chelsey

Visit Animoto to create your own video slideshow as easily as I did! I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. Be sure to check out the #CleverVideo twitter hashtag to see other Animoto videos around blog town. Giveaway ends on May 6th. 

Life Lately with some Links to love.

Life lately with Miss R has been changing. What I mean is…. she’s turning into a kid! A human. She listens sometimes listens when I ask her to do something…. I can cross the street holding her hand while she walks (we used to have to carry her since she would run into the street)… she puts things back at stores (with some hesitation) when I tell her we can’t take it home… She sits at the table and eats her treat. Says thank you! She still doesn’t like to share…. especially that cinnamon roll. But, I wouldn’t want to share that either. Hee. She always says, “Bye, thank you! Have a nice day!” to most everyone we meet. She’s just growing! So fast. And, it doesn’t make me sad. I’m so happy to be here witnessing it! I love it. I love her curiosity. She’s a sweetie. 

On to some links I’ve been collecting for you guys this week!!!

I talk about truly loving what you do…. over at Just Lovely Things!

A letter to dead beat dads.

Stop it stop it stop it! This little handmade shop is full of too much adorable!!!

I’m definitely a brooch kinda girl. I love them. And, I’ll even wear them on a t-shirt (I’m neat-o). I usually wear vintage/antique pieces….. but, I do LOVE this little wooden brooch. A lot.

Cool! CMYK Easter eggs!

Have you seen the knotted bedding at Anthropologie? The bedding there is just a bit a lot out of my price range…. So, I love this little knotted bed tutorial! I think even I could do it!

I love this sweet drawing of a daddy and his daughter. She’s a talented lady.

A little thank you to these lovely lovely people that are helping to support my trip to BlogHer…. Thanks to you, you, and you!

For the adults on St. Patty’s…. a little drink.

And, this little St. Patty’s Day lunch is adorable for the kiddos.

So, Ashley from the Shine Project is doing a very cool Pay It Forward project. I read about Spread the Shine here on Karly’s blog. Go check it out. I bought my cards. 10 for $2.50 and the $ goes to the Shine Project. <3 Off to spread the love.

P.S. I have no idea what’s the deal with the Google Friend Connect… but, I think it’s supposed to be ending for non-blogger blogs. Just in case you still want to keep up with the bloggy blog…. you can follow my rss feed here.

Happy happy Friday to you all! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Peace out paci!

Oh, the paci. It was our best friend and our enemy for the past 2 years. The paci…. the thing I was SO afraid to give to my newborn since she wouldn’t breastfeed and I heard that a pacifier would make it worse…. this thing that soothed a teething baby girl… the comfort that kept my daughter sleeping through the night since 10 months old…. the big ‘ol binky that took over the majority of my photos of Ruari’s first 2 years.

We were SO afraid to ditch that thing. Afraid we would never get any sleep since Miss R was completely addicted. In fact… I think she loved that thing! She gave it rides on her toys and carried it around all day… every day.

Then…. the only paci she had left got a little hole in the nipple. I promised I wouldn’t buy any more…. BUT, I was scared. She was complaining her paci was broken. I mentioned to my husband that we should just cut off the nipple and see what happens, but I was way too scared to do that. BUT, apparently he was not. He got up. Asked to borrow her paci… and, came back with the tip cut off.

Ruari tried to put it in her mouth… with no luck. “Mama, it’s broken. Fix?” But, I couldn’t fix it. And, she cried. She cried a sad sad cry like she just lost a best friend. Only for 20 minutes. This cry was so much shorter than I thought it would be. I thought she’d be awake all night calling for her friend. But, nope. She asked over and over for us to fix her paci. But, we told her no. She cuddled with it that night. And, the next. And, only a couple more times after that. Slowly she gave up that thing. And, has only asked for it about 3 times since.

It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I know it’s only a pacifier… but, it was a huge part of our lives. Something that helped us. She never liked sucking her thumb. The paci was her thing.

I guess I never really put two and two together until now but, I think her naps stopped the same week she gave up her paci. OMG. Hmm…. maybe I’ll give it back… HA! No way. I love that she no longer needs it in her life.

So, here’s to no more pacifier! Yay! Happy Wednesday!

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