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Valentine’s Card: You’re a reel catch!

You're a reel catch

My kiddo is in preschool…. SO that means Valentines cards! I know I’m more excited about these cards and this whole “holiday” than Miss R, but I know she’ll get more excited on the day. Why? Well, she’ll get a ton of candy. AND, in my kiddo’s world… candy = a good day.

The hardest part of this whole project: getting my child to participate and smile for this photo. She was happy one minute, then I mention taking her photo and it all went downhill. I eventually bribed her with a piece of chocolate. I got ONE sorta smile (see above) and MANY grumpy photos (see last photo).

You're a reel catch valentine

How to do it:

- Get your kiddo to hold a stick (maybe a broom) and take a photo. We had an old dowel, so that worked. This will help you place the fishing pole (aka stick).

- If you’d like, add the wording “You’re a reel catch!”, or “You’re reel neat!” to the image in photoshop or another photo editing program. OR, you can just handwrite this out on a piece of card stock and tape it to the photo.

- Use an x-acto knife to cut a couple slits to slip in the fishing pole (the sticks I had came from an old floral display). Tape the sticks on the back of the photo to make it more secure.

You're a Reel catch valentine

- Tie a string on the end of the fishing pole, and the other end of the string to a piece of candy. I purchased some swedish fish and individually wrapped them up in saran wrap.

you're a reel catch valentine

- Print out my free Trout Printout (right and left). Cut them out and tape them to each side of the swedish fish.

trout free printout

- Done!

The whole assembly of this project took about 1 hour (maybe a little longer since kiddo was “helping”). Cost was around $8 for 20 Valentines. Even though this photo below is super grumpy/sassy… I think it’s my favorite. This is pretty much a look she gives me EVERY day. We’ll save these special Valentines for her BFF’s. Hee.

youre a reel catch valentine

- Chelsey

P.S. if you make this Valentine, please share a photo link in the comments below! I’d love to see it.

Day 13: Five Great Family Photo Tips + Freebie Holiday Card

DAY 13 is brought to you by, the lovely MaryamHowdy all!  My name is Maryam and I’m a photographer and blogger.  Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about taking your own pictures for your holiday card.  If you’re like me you’ve put off taking holiday photos so far and you’re scrambling to get those holiday cards done and sent out.  Welp, I’m making it a little easier for you!  I’m also throwing in a holiday card template FREE OF CHARGE!  That’s just the kind of lady I am.

Tip Number 1: Don’t stress. 

Seriously, if you’re stressed out it’ll show up in the pictures.   Your kids will pick up on it (whether they be human or of the animal variety) and the camera will pick up on that.  The more relaxed you are the better your pictures will turn out.  Don’t focus on getting the perfect picture, focus on having fun!  The more fun you have the better your pictures will turn out.  And if they don’t at least you had fun doing it!

Tip Number 2: 

Don’t matchy match your clothes!  Everyone wearing the same thing is not a good look.  Unless you’re trying to be ironic.  Just make sure your audience knows your intentions, ha!  The best way to go about dressing for your pictures is to color coordinate.  Everyone should wear similar tones, but not in the same places.  Like you could wear hunter green cords and a maroon sweater and your partner could wear a plaid shirt with hunter green tones and maroon pants.  You get the idea.  You don’t even have to wear the same colors, just stay in the same tonal family and you should be fine!

Tip Number 3: Use a tripod.

Before you gather everyone together, set up your tripod.  Figure out where you want everyone to be, point the camera at that space and make sure it’s straight.  Once you have things set up, pull your peeps in.  Position everyone, look through the viewfinder and if you’re happy with it start snapping!  If you’d like to be in the picture I would recommend a remote (usually under 15$) or have a friend click the shutter for you (a good option if you have small kids so they have someone to get their attention).  You can use the self timer but it can be tiring running back and forth when you’re taking more than one picture.  And you should be taking more than one picture!

Tip Number 4: Use props.

I’m not talking about giant sunglasses and silly hats (though if that’s your style, go for it!), I’m talking about a chair, a nice couch, a pretty ottoman.  Something to use for one or two people to sit on and add interest.  For kids a small ottoman is great for posing.  Giving kids something to hold is also a great trick.  Try a vintage camera (that you’re not afraid of breaking!), a pumpkin or even an ornament or star!

Tip Number 5: Don’t use a flash!  

Take your pictures during the day!  Don’t take them in direct sunlight but make sure there is good lighting.  If you’re taking them indoors pay attention a couple days before to see where the best light in your house is and at what time.  I take all of my indoor shots facing our south-facing living room picture window.  The light is soft and even and I never ever have to use a flash.  If you’re taking the shots outside make sure you’re in a shady area and try to avoid taking the photos in the middle of the day when the lighting is harsh and makes people squint.  Not a good look.

And that about does it!  If you’d like to download the holiday card  or Facebook timeline above (minus the pictures!) the links are below.  They are both png files where you just stick your photos behind the card in Photoshop or Gimp and are done.  The holiday card is 5×7 but has enough room to be printed as a 4×6 and not lose any details.  Enjoy!

Download the card here and the Facebook timeline here.

- Maryam, Sweet Violet Photography


A very big THANK you to Maryam for sharing this fantastic DIY. Please, be sure to give her blog home a visit.

To keep up with my 50 DIY Days, click here:

Questions answered…

First… I had to get my Love Letter to 
Kitty Paw entry in! That’s it above!
Love Letters to Kitty Paw

On to the questions:

Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale asked…

- If you had to move anywhere else in the US, where would it be? 
Well… I really love Oregon. I’m very happy here. But, if I HAD to…. I would hope it would be Seattle. I love Seattle… maybe because it’s so much like Portland? ;D

- How about anywhere else in the world? And why??

If I could move anywhere in the world I imagine myself living in the UK. I loved it there. And, I love the idea that I’m just hours from all these amazing countries!

- What are your hopes for your blog in the future?
To be absolutely honest: I’d love for my blog to keep growing and expose my two shops more! I’ve been struggling lately with advertising. I want my blog to stay personal and not commercial… but, I do put a lot of time and work into my blog. I’d like to make a little money and contribute to our income (since I pretty much don’t right now…).

Pam from Can’t Wait asked…

- Do you cloth diaper? If not, why not?
I do not cloth diaper. Why: because I love the convenience of disposable. I currently use Seventh Generation. I’ve wanted to cloth diaper… but, I’ve been a little nervous to start. I know it could save us a ton of money with just a one time investment. Still haven’t totally ruled it out… but, my baby is 14 months.

- Will there be more babies in the near future? And how many do you and your dear husband want? One, two? Three? Six?
There will be more babies in the future… when, I don’t know. We will be adopting and/or surrogacy for the next baby because I can’t be pregnant anymore (my birth story would answer why). My hubby and I would like 2 more.

Laura from El Cubed asked…

- How do you manage to juggle being a wife, a mom, an artist, and a dedicated blogger so well?
Ummm… I don’t know! :D I try to get any work or blogging done during Ruari’s nap-time. She usually sleeps 3 hours in a row… but, I can here her moving around right now… probably can’t find her pacifier. I’ve actually been trying to work on my balance a little more. If I figure it out… I’ll let you know!

Kendra from On My Side of the Room asked…

- Just wondering if you have any photography tips, I’m always looking for them. I keep wanting to take a class to improve but, life happens. I love your style.
Well… I’m definitely not a photography pro. I just have such a passion for it! My photography skills have very much improved in the past year. I believe the biggest reason for that is I take a ton of photos! Participating in photo challenges every week has been a huge help as well. If I ever get confused with something… I google it or ask one of my photography blogging friends! Lots of practice!

As far as my style of photography: I love capturing little details…. my baby’s fingers picking up food… the salt of a cracker… eyes (I LOVE eyes)…. I’m a sort of “fill the frame” girl. I like my photos to be full. I’m currently trying to expand myself and try landscape photography… I’m not liking my stuff, I need practice!

Thank you SO much for your questions ladies! If anyone ever has a question ANY time… you are more than welcome to email me. :D

OH… one more thing… the winner of the PS Cute handmade headband is: TaMara from The Sloan Homeschool! Congrats! I will be contacting you soon!



BlogHer 2011!

Happy Valentine’s for Daddy. Love, Ruari.

Entering into the cutest couple Valentine’s challenge for Six Cherries on Top… I know there’s not 2 people… but, Ruari said boys are gross and she didn’t want to take a photo with one. She told me that.
The cards title: Boys Are Gross.

Mike and I have a date night tonight to celebrate our birthdays and Valentine’s day. Yay! Happy Saturday everyone!
If you have a moment Ruari would just 
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