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Well, let’s try this again….. 52 Weeks of Drawings

Last year, yes a year ago, I gave myself a challenge. I challenged myself to draw something at least once a week. I LOVE to draw because it’s relaxing for me… just me and my sketchbook. The thing is, I didn’t make it. I didn’t draw each week. I drew a LOT in the 2013 year, but it was never for my challenge and I sort of just dropped it. I’d really really love to stick with it this year (the full list is below, and I plan to link to each post as I go along).

I drew this little prompt drawing (above) in January 2013 to inspire drawing ideas. I’m going to go with it again.

1. Your choice: This first week of the year is usually pretty busy, starting off with something simple.

2. Self portrait: Draw yourself. ::See Below::

3. Plant

4. 4-legged friend

5. Profile: I always draw a face straight on. What about the side view?

6. A tool you need: Scissors? Pencil? Hammer? Fork?

7. Something you love: What do you love?

8. Your name: Draw out your name. Stay simple or go elegant! Whatever.

9. Fave book: draw the book itself, or a scene from the book.

10. Inspire: Draw someone or something that inspires you.

11. Favorite place

12. Wings

13. Framed: Frame something.

14. Brand new

15. Two: 2 the number, two of something, twins?

16. Music

17. Fave animal

18. Candy land

19. Eyes

20. Bug

21. Bird

22. Family portrait

23. Imaginary

24. Animal personified

25. Hands

26. Hybrid animal: Get crazy.

27. Robotic

28. Movie scene: Favorite movie scene?

29. Sea creature

30. Crafty: Thread, knitting, sewing, whatever.

31. A collection

32. Odd superpower: What’s the most ridiculous superpower you could have?

33. Sky

34. Married couple

35. Fairy tale character

36. Something nearby

37. Tattoos

38. Street lights

39. Silhouette

40. Farm animal

41. Details: Up close and personal.

42. Comic strip: Tell a small comic strip story.

43. Monster

44. Sweet treat

45. Friend

46. Vegetable or fruit personified

47. Holiday

48. Fave food

49. Toy

50. Historic figure

51. Self portrait: start with a self portrait, end with a self portrait.

52. Your choice

I’m starting my 2014 challenge off with #2. Self Portrait. I drew this bearded lady version of myself this week. I look pretty good with a beard, no? Hee.

52 Weeks of Drawings: Self Portrait //

If you join me, please share a link to your drawing in the comments below!

- Chelsey

52 Weeks of Drawing: Catching up, again!

I’m behind on my 52 weeks of drawing challenge… again! Ha. BUT, that’s what’s great about this challenge… from the beginning I told myself to NOT stress about this. If I had to miss a week, it’s cool. If you have to miss a week: it’s cool. I love this challenge. Taking time to draw for myself (since I mostly work on custom illustrations).


Week 6: Tool Hmmm…. not sure if a jar is a tool… I guess it is. I’ve been canning quite a bit recently. I love it! I’ll share some recipes/photos soon.

52 Weeks of Drawings: Something you Love

Week 7: Something You Love For the something I love week I drew my beautiful daughter. It’s SO hard to draw someone you REALLY know. I mean, I know all her features and personality… it just means that this illustration took twice as long as a normal drawing. I can’t wait to add some color!

52 weeks of drawing: your name... chelsey

Week 8: Your Name This was a simple illustration for this week (also known as a cheat week, ha). I really have been wanting to practice hand drawn fonts.

What about you, have you been following along in my 52 Weeks of Drawing? You don’t have to DRAW each week, I’m just hoping my prompts will inspire you to do something creative! Photography? Crafting? Whatever. Click here to see all my prompts, and feel free to link up.

Next is week 9: Draw your fave book. Draw the book itself, or a scene from the book.

- Chelsey

52 Weeks of Drawing: Plant

Week 3: I’ve made it! 3 weeks. Still going! Week 3′s theme is “Plant” I had started a completely drawing before this one, but I just wasn’t feeling it… so I started over with this illustration. I’m happy with it.

I’d love to add some color to this. Maybe I’ll paint it?

- Chelsey

P.S. If you are participating in my 52 Weeks of Drawing, you can link up your week 3 drawing below.


52 Weeks of Drawing: Self Portrait

Week 2: The second week of my 52 weeks of drawing challenge. This week the theme is “Self Portrait”. I’m getting ready for my Alt Summit panel, and I’m in charge of drawing all our portraits. Just a little something extra for our presentation. Hee! It’s been so much fun. I can’t wait to share the final drawings of all these ladies with you. Today, I’ll just be sharing mine. My self portrait:

I want to add a few more bits and pieces to it. Haven’t decided if I’ll put color on the drawings, or not. But, I’m happy with it. Let me tell ya… drawing a profile is SO much more difficult than drawing a face straight on. It was quite the challenge. Yay!

I know I mentioned having ONE link up for the entire challenge… but, I figured it’s a little more fun with a weekly link up for each sketch. SO, there you go. I’ll have a linky open each week on Tuesday or Thursday. I’d love to see your updates! How’s your 52 weeks challenge going?

Next week’s challenge: Plant 

- Chelsey

P.S. Yes. I do really have a jackalope growing out of my head.