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Welcome to The Paper Mama blog. My name is Chelsey and this is my online home. My blog is a space to be creative, share and chat about experiences/life/thoughts, crafty¬†goodness, express my love of Fried Chicken + wine, and just plain whatever I’d like. I started this blog a few years ago to connect with other like-minded creative mama’s and found an amazing and supportive community. This blog has since grown into something amazing and I’m so happy that this is my “job”. I continue to blog because I love it and I’ve made so many great friends through this blog world.

I’m a mama to my chatty/feisty little 4-year-old girl, Ruari (Rory). Married to the handsome guy I met way back in 2002. I’m a crafter. I’m awkward. Silly. Sometimes speak before thinking. Fried chicken lover. Craft addict. Thrifting fool. Illustrator. Blogger.


Some favorite links for you:

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- F.A.Q. for all those questions you have.

- Email: thepapermama at gmail dot com


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