Painted Sunglasses DIY

These cute sunglasses were a little find from a thrift store… maybe a year ago. I enjoy them just the way they are…. but, I felt they needed a little something extra! That’s when I thought, “Hey, how about painting with nail polish?” I have a ton of polish…. and, I have some precision tip Q-tips. Perfect!

Supplies needed: a pair of sunglasses, Q-Tips Precision Tips, and a couple colors of nail polish (I used a turquoise, red, and blue).

The how-to:

1. Gather up the supplies. Dip your Q-tip into your nail polish. Let the paint soak into the Q-tip a little, dip it in the paint again and pop a little dot on the glasses. Repeat that step over and over (using as many nail polish colors as you’d like) until you’re happy with the amount of polka dots on your glasses.

I did need to do a couple of coats for the red dots. If you need to do this, just let the paint dry first (should be pretty fast drying time) in between each coat.

2. Add a clear top coat polish (using the same method as above with a Q-tip) to seal in the paint.

3. AND, you are done! Let it completely dry…. and, you are ready to look awesome in your newly painted glasses!

Get creative with your nail polish design! I think next time I will paint on some sweet little flowers. Please, let me know if you try this out! I’d love to see your end result. It’s a very simple and cheap DIY!

And, just a little funny side note: last year my mom mentioned that she didn’t really like these big sunglasses…. but, when I wore them the other day after their little makeover… she thought they were cute. Hee!

I was provided with Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs, a $25 American Express gift card and information about the product by Rocket XL. All opinions are 100% my own. You can find more ideas on the Q-Tips Facebook page.

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  5. Becca says:

    Those look very cool! That's funny that your mom didn't really like them, but once you painted them, she did. :)

  6. Uncle Beefy says:

    Okay… a look I'm gonna pull off anytime soon? Well? Ya' never know… maybe?!! ;) SUCH a cute idea!!! Simple and sweetly stylish! Awesome!

  7. Elena says:

    Love them. You look really cute in them! Love the shade of lipstick; very vintage looking.

  8. Kaylie says:

    How cute! I have an old pair of sunglasses that need sprucing up, I may do this. What a wonderful idea, thank you :)

  9. Jen says:

    So genius! And adorable!

  10. fawn says:

    You've had the best DIY posts lately! These are so cute. xo

  11. Stephanie says:

    They are so cute and they look awesome on you :)

  12. erin says:

    now we just need some sun! these are adorable and you have a gorgeous smile.

  13. Dory Smith Graham says:

    Swank! Love the lenses.

  14. Tilly says:

    Oh my gosh! These are really cute!

  15. Erica says:


  16. Kara says:

    They look so cute on you!

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