The bad side…. and a self photo challenge!

A while back I wrote a post, Be Nice. Basically I was asking everyone to step back and take a moment before you comment/speak mean or hurtful thoughts. 99.9999% of the comments I get here at my blog home are so sweet and nice and encouraging. But, there are still times I get the meanies commenting. Most recently I’ve had a couple of comments about my looks. And, the most recent was about how big my nose was. While I can say, “Pfft, whatever. They are just stupid/lame/losers with nothing to do but pick on people. They can’t hurt me.” it still did bother me. After I got the nose comment I actually caught myself checking it’s size in the mirror. What? My brain was letting them win. I love my nose. I’ve always loved my nose. I nose (hee hee) it’s larger than “normal” but, I like it. It’s my nose. It matches my brother’s nose. I would never change it.

So, instead of letting the mean commenter win…. I can step back and say, “whoa, why am I letting this anonymous troll commenter hurt me?” and, move on.

Recently my VERY beautiful friend, Mandy, wrote about the importance of sharing photos of yourself on your own blog. I truly believe that your readers will connect with you more if you share a photo of you! We all have our issues (even Mandy talks about her “bad side”…. which, is just as beautiful as the other side. Seriously.). For me: I am usually uncomfortable with the double chin that ALWAYS appears when someone pulls out a camera. I swear…. you pull out a camera and ::poof:: double chin.

Another great post is by my other friend, Moorea… the Red Lipstick Challenge. Like her… I was always afraid of wearing bright red lipstick because it would attract too much attention to my face (I’m a wee bit shy and in HS I had really crooked teeth before my braces at 21). So, I avoided it. But, now Moorea is challenging her readers/friends to try it. For her she says that wearing red lipstick is a reminder of her confidence… just like it has been for me since I started wearing it in the past 2 months. I love it!

So, why am I sharing all this with you? Every once in a while I like to challenge myself to take more self portraits. I don’t usually love all of them… but, since I have control over the camera I can take the photo the way I want. We are coming up on Valentine’s Day and this is the time I usually have a Valentine’s Photo challenge. BUT, this year I want to do something different (don’t worry… there’s still a fabulous prize to win!)…

My challenge to you:

Take a self portrait (no need to be a fancy photographer or own a fancy camera…taking a photo with your phone works too. I love self cell phone pics) and blog about it! Blog about you. I love the Currently posts that Danielle from Sometimes Sweet does…. so, this would be a great way for you to share some fun current goodies about you! With your beautiful self portrait!

What can you win? How about $100 shop credit from me to put towards a custom family portrait (check out my family portrait info here).

My self portrait and info:

Obsessing over…

All the inspiration and amazing/talented people I met while I was at Alt Design Summit! I’m so full of ideas and things I want to do I’m about to burst!

Working on…

Drawing! Drawing… drawing… drawing. I have a couple orders I’m finishing before Valentine’s day and a couple more I need to finish ASAP. Lots of work. BUT, I do love it. PLUS, working on getting my buns in gear to get more of my drawings on to fabric!

Thinking about…

All the fun things I have planned for this next year! In my life… for my business… Potty training my kid… <— that one is not one of my favorites.


So much. So much. My sister and 2 of my best buds are getting married this summer so I’m crazy helping them with that and so excited! Excited for my sister to be home from New Zealand for a couple months.

Listening to…

The She and Him Pandora channel. It’s my favorite channel. So much freaking variety. P.S. the She and Him Holiday channel was my favorite over Christmas time too.


Well, right now I’m drinking my favorite Earl Grey Tazo tea :::cafffeeeeiiiine::: and I did eat a slice of pizza for lunch. Hee.


Wishing I could live closer to all my blog friends I’ve been meeting. All of them! We should all just move onto a farm and start some weird cult or something.



– To enter, link up your blog post to my linky below. (Please don’t link FB pages. I can’t view those usually).

– Post must include a self photo of you. It can be an old photo if you’d like… but, why not take a new one?

– Please link back to my blog on your post. You can copy and paste this link if you’d like: ” Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!

– Share what is currently going on in your life following Danielle’s “Currently” prompt (see my self photo and info example above).

– PG please.

– One entry per person.

– Winner will be chosen at random from on February 13th 2012.

– Have fun!

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February 21, 2012

This is an amazing idea! I have just recently gotten to a point in my life where I love me for me no matter how much I weigh or how bad my skin gets :0) I am so sorry that you get those horrible comments; some people just never grow up from being the “mean girls” from middle/high school. I think what you are doing with your blog and with this challange is very inspiring for all types of people and I hope that it can change a few of those meanies out in the world!

February 13, 2012

#187, for a higher res image, try It should work, typically. (Me there) I'm so not a fan of being photographed. I'd prefer sitting in a dentist's chair…


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February 13, 2012

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February 13, 2012

I love that you are doing this Chelsea… so many of us togs are so afraid to turn the camera on ourselves. I finally sucked up the courage and did a self-portrait last week – after 18 months of fighting over the project at Jill Samter's blog (the I am beautiful project)… I finally did it.